How to Find the Right Metal Photo Frame

Metal picture frames usually come in a variety of gold or silver colors depending upon the type of material it’s made from. One thing to be aware of is that a “silver” frame could be made of pewter or aluminum and not necessarily made of sterling silver or silver plate. So, the wording “silver frame” is describing the color, not the material it is made from. This is true for pewter frames as well. Unless it’s specifically identified as “solid pewter,” it’s most likely describing the color of the frame instead of the material.

Metal frames are also available in a wide variety of colors. You can find aluminum frames in colors like gold, silver, copper, blue and black or you can find metal frames with brightly colored enamel finishes or decorated with items like crystals or beads.

#5- Finish: What type of metal finish do I prefer?
The most common metal finishes are matte, shiny, brushed and antiqued. Unless the finish is specifically called brushed, antique or matte, it will normally be a shiny metal finish.

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