How to Buy Spectacle Frames at Fair Prices in India?

Buying the best quality spectacle frames is necessary to maintain a good eyesight and ensure comfort while wearing them for long duration. Here is a short guide to help you select the correct spectacle frames online India for men and women.

How to match spectacle frames to face shape?

This is the most common query on our customer helpline and we thought it would be a good to answer it so you can shop easily without any worry.

  • Eyewear should always match your best feature of your face that you like a lot. If you have blue or green eyes then match your face with a blue or a green colored spectacle frames.
  • For a great look ensure that your spectacle frames contrasts your face shape.
  • Frame size must match your face size. The three commonly available frame sizes are Narrow Fit,Guest Posting Medium or Standard Fit and Large Fit.

Guide to Different face shapes

  • An oval face considered to be ideal and spectacle frames for oval face are easily available online. Wide frames are said to suit oval faces better.
  • Oblong faces are usually long with a short width and a slightly longish nose. You can choose frames for oblong face shape with decorative and with greater depth than width.
  • Square faces have a strong jawline as well as a broad forehead but spectacle frames are easily available for such faces shapes. Try oval shape frames with a narrow fit.
  • Round faces with their curved lines are best complimented by rectangular spectacle frames.
  • Diamond shape faces are best paired with rimless spectacle frames for men or cat-eye spectacle frames for ladie Both men and women with this face shape can easily get a good pair of spectacle frames on CoolWinks.

Spectacle frames color

Choosing a frame doesn’t end at the face shape or with fit. Frames are now available in a wide range of colors.

  • You can choose frame colors such as khaki, orange, coral and off-white if you need warm colors.
  • If you prefer cool colors then go with defacto black or magenta, pink or blue.

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